Expert Witness

Attorneys who are engaged in difficult guardianship or conservatorship cases may benefit from engaging an independent, qualified expert witness who can testify on a variety of issues including:

  • Alternatives to guardianship
  • The necessity for guardianship or conservatorship.
  • The standards and ethics applicable to guardians and conservators.
  • Legal or ethical issues that arise during the course of a guardianship/conservatorship proceeding.
  • Restoration of rights and termination of guardianship/conservatorship.

An expert witness may also assist a Judge in understanding complicated factual or legal issues. A number of recent cases have arisen where questions are asked about whether a guardian or conservator acted properly in the management of a person’s affairs. In these cases, an expert witness can also clarify these issues for a court.

Mr. Hammond has been retained as an expert in a number of cases – many of which have been resolved without the necessity of trial. Additionally, Mr. Hammond has served as a consulting expert in numerous cases and has provided background advice and support to counsel.